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Quality control: Jaquar Group

In a market plagued by product quality issues, the Jaquar Group reveals how stringent testing and high standards are at the heart of its business and explains why retailers should partner with brands where high-quality standards are visible

Built on a platform of quality standards and aesthetics, the Jaquar Group invests in continuous research and development to create award-winning, world-class quality products that are better, safer and smarter.

The Jaquar Group operates in more than 40 countries so we are experts in creating bathroom solutions that meet global standards. As part of that commitment, our products have been certified in quality by CE, WRAS, ISO, SASO, BIS, KIWA, PZH, SON, ZNAK-B and TISI meaning that they meet worldwide technical and legal requirements for safety, design, packaging and insurance, to ensure they are safe and fit for purpose.

We source only the highest quality materials used to manufacture our products so that:

• Products do not release any compounds into water intended for human consumption that would deteriorate the quality of water;

• Materials used during the production process will not undergo any change that would impair the performance of the product;

• Materials that are not naturally resistant to corrosion shall be adequately protected so that they do not present a health risk.

WRAS approval

In the UK, that means we ensure our material sourcing and manufacturing processes allow our products to meet European standards. That means they carry the CE Marking – a certification that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards –and have gained WRAS approval.

The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) is a standard set out by UK water regulations and bylaws that allow manufacturers to demonstrate that their products comply with the regulations.

Kubix Prime

According to WRAS, “a product will only gain approval after undergoing rigorous mechanical and water quality testing by independent laboratories. The product may also need to meet certain installation conditions in order to obtain WRAS approval”. 

The approval system also covers non-metallic components and materials, which undergo testing to ascertain their effect on the water they come into contact with. WRAS states that the endorsement will only be given once it has been demonstrated that the component does not contaminate the water in any way.

Why should retailers and installers aim to work with brands whose products carry the seal of approval?

By achieving approval under the WRAS scheme, all of our products, across the Jaquar and Artize brands, meet technical and legal requirements for safety, design, packaging and insurance, to ensure products are safe and fit for purpose.

Adhering to these guidelines, and gaining all relevant quality standard certifications, not only means peace of mind for the consumer, but also the retailer selling the products and the installers fitting them.

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