15 July 2010

DESIGN VIEW: En suites

July Lucy Humphries

Lucy Humphries bathroom category director for the PJH Group looks at design trends in the en suite sector...

The trend to improve rather than move has had a significant impact on the market for en-suite bathrooms - a new en suite often being the first and relatively inexpensive enhancement that will add value to a home. 

Adding more bathrooms to the same-sized house, however, usually means the en suite is often found in the smallest or most awkward-sized spaces within a property, so it's not surprising that the demand for compact yet perfectly formed bathroom solutions has risen dramatically. 

Consumers want their en suite retreat to be stylish,design-led and thoroughly practical, while there still needs to be room for them and all the essential toiletries - and all in a space smaller than an average double bed. 

As innovation and technology have rapidly progressed, bathroom manufacturers have responded well and there is now a good choice of space-saving en-suites to satisfy the smallest of rooms. Why compromise on luxury and style if you have to compromise on space

It's all about fusing form with function and offering the consumer a range of products that use minimum floor space, make maximum use of redundant space and corners, and generally give the illusion of more space. 

Starting with sanitaryware, ensure you offer a good selection of wall-hung, corner and compact WCs and basins, which will save floor space. Bathroom furniture is essential to clear the clutter and provide storage space, creating the illusion of a larger room and also providing the perfect vehicle to hide any pipe work. 

Innovative furniture designs include 200mm short projection wall and base units in a wide range of sizes, such as slim 150mm, mirrored cabinets and practical vanity and WC units to maximise storage space under wall-mounted ceramics. Light furniture finishes, such as white gloss and light oak will make a small en-suite bathroom feel bigger.

En-suite bathroom solutions maybe small and compact, but the sales potential is huge and this trend looks set to continue for some years to come.

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