07 July 2010

InSinkErator hails 'most successful trading ever'

Aug Ashley Munden

The UK arm of InSinkErator, the manufacturer of waster disposers and other 'sink appliances' is claiming its most successful trading period in the company's history.

In the eight months since the beginning of the current financial year, the company says sales are up by over 25% compared to the same period last year. It is attributing the jump to the launch of the Evolution range of waster disposers.

"We are delighted with our current trading position, achieved in the teeth of the recession in a market sector that seen lows in excess of 20%," said sales and marketing director Ashley Munden (pictured). Despite hard economic times we have held our ground, which we believe illustrates the appeal of our high quality products, and the strength of our sales and marketing efforts."

InSinkErator has invested in new marketing ideas, including a TV commercial screened on national channels, aimed at promoting food waster disposers.

"Broadening our marketing approach with our recent TV advertising has enabled us to communicate our message via a medium that best demonstrates the product benefits," Munden said. "As the first company to launch a UK-wide TV campaign for food waster disposers, it is an exciting development, not just for the InSinkErator brand, but the product category as a whole."

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