Alex Hawkins

Experience: Retail sales/design

Area: Southwest

I’m a kbb designer with years of experience, I am continually establishing and refining my skills with different programmes as well as my personal skills with a range of clientele.

I have worked as the single designer in a local business, meaning I had a hand in every part of the process including designing, production and installation. I also gained valuable face-to-face sales skills from being the first point of contact in the showroom.

I then moved on to an office where I was responsible for the management of the design team. Tasked with motivating and monitoring performance as well as liaising with senior management to meet company performance objectives, my journey here was unfortunately cut short due to the impact of covid-19. I am now eager to transfer these skills to a business whose aspirations match my own, one who will allow me to grow and thrive.

Full CV available on request.


Phone: 0780 3375116

Email: [email protected]


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