Maud Martinage

Expertise: Retail sales/design

Area: Newcastle-upon-Tyne

I am an architect / interior designer with five years of experience in the kbb industry.

I am based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and have spent the last two years in a small kitchen and bathroom studio. I had recently been made lead designer and had supervised more than 20 projects over the last six months.

Working in a small retail company gave me the opportunity to extend my knowledge and experience in several new areas such as sales, accounting and project management. I have worked on a wide range of projects and am very proficient with CAD software.

My background in architecture and work experience in several countries has allowed me to grow in confidence and capability to think outside the box. I am now looking to join an innovative team in a thriving work environment to bring my creative ideas to life and take on new challenges.


Phone: 07549 484238

Email: [email protected]


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