Laura Gallimore

Expertise: Sales

Area: North

I have recently been made redundant after barely even starting a new role and it was such a shame as I was so excited to start my life on the road!

I would have been a business development executive for the North of England for a well known bathroom tap supplier. Prior to this I was in a sales roles for an established kitchen sink and tap manufacturer for five years and progressed internally.

I am very much still interested in positions in the field and I have experience working with national merchants, distributors and multiple retailers. I have a high level of knowledge of kitchen sinks and taps as well as experience with bathroom showers and taps.

I apply myself to anything which I do and give every task 100% care and attention. I thrive on getting to know individuals and building relationships with them to get the end results required.


Tel: 07494855379
Email: [email protected]

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