Lee Andrews

Expertise: Sales

Area: Midlands

I’ve been in the woodworking industry for 37 years now, 26 of them on the sales side.

I spent the last four years in the KBB sector as an area sales manager for a components firm, selling products such as board and edging, worktops, manufactured and stock doors, sliding doors fittings, lighting, sinks and taps, handles and accessories to furniture manufacturers and retailers. I had a fantastic relationship with my customers and firm alike and enjoyed a very busy and growing area for my efforts.

Unfortunately, I was made redundant in March due to the Covid-19 outbreak and am now looking for my next role in the industry.

I have a reputation as a knowledgeable chap with a pedigree background and consultative approach and would like to consider myself as being a key member in any sales team.
Tel: 07715 585665
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