Phil Ryan

Expertise: Managing Director

Area: North West

I am a highly experienced managing director, with over 30 years in the kbb and plumbers merchants industry, managing and driving the overall performance of a family owned bathroom retailer and plumbers merchants.

I have developed a wide variety of management skills and knowledge relating to every aspect of running a business, with a very hands-on approach and leading by example when required.

I have become particularly accomplished within Sales and Purchasing, leading a team of 25+ employees across 5 local branches with a mixed client base including retail, tradesmen and contract specification clients.

I have also purchased, designed and supervised the creation of 6 large bathroom studios from the initial conception to opening day. I have also created 4 plumbing trade counters.

This included identifying products and suppliers, negotiating terms, construction, recruitment and HR, marketing, IT systems procurement and ongoing monitoring.

I have a strong work ethic with a focus on attention to detail and a determination to follow tasks to conclusion.

I identify issues or opportunities, consider the information available, make decisions and ultimately work to achieve the results required.

I am now looking for a challenging and rewarding new role, where my skills, knowledge and expertise gained throughout my career can be utilised to the best effect.

I am looking for a position in the North West area as I live in Liverpool but would be willing to travel if a position requires.


Phone: 07801 252573

Email: [email protected]


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