Save Our Skills

Matthew Cooke

Expertise: KBB Design/Sales Area: South West I have worked in the KBB industry for six years as a kitchen, bathroom... View Article [24-9-2020]

Gary Baxter

Expertise: Quality manager Area: Yorkshire I am a highly experienced and pragmatic quality professional with an excellent knowledge, understanding and... View Article [23-9-2020]

Samuel Smith

Expertise: Customer project management Area: Swindon For the past three years I have been working for a kitchen company based... View Article [30-8-2020]

Mark Hull

Expertise: Retail sales Area: Hampshire I am an award-winning, dedicated and committed sales and customer service professional with extensive knowledge... View Article [28-8-2020]

Lee Andrews

Expertise: Sales Area: Midlands I’ve been in the woodworking industry for 37 years now, 26 of them on the sales... View Article [23-8-2020]

Steven Ball

Experience: Solid surface fabrication and specification Area: East Midlands I have over 20 years of experience specialising in solid surface... View Article [22-8-2020]

Jim Watson

Expertise: Contract sales Area: North/Scotland/North East/National I am a very experienced senior sales manager with over 40 years working and... View Article [22-8-2020]

Peter Bonnington

Expertise: Sales/Distribution/Warehouse management Area: London and the South East A self–motivated achiever with initiative and a keen hard working attitude,... View Article [10-8-2020]

Rosie Jones

Expertise: Sales Area: Scotland I have worked within the KBB industry for over 30 years. My experience ranges from working... View Article [7-8-2020]

Mark Taylor

Expertise: Sales Area: Midlands I have worked within the KBB industry for over 20 years in area sales and management.... View Article [5-8-2020]

Mark Turner

Expertise: Marketing Area: Yorkshire and remote/WFH I have five years’ experience working in the KBB industry in various marketing –... View Article [3-8-2020]