Save Our Skills

Brenda McNamara

Expertise: Installations Area: Northampton I have been in the KBB industry for 32 years and, most recently, have been an... View Article [18-6-2020]

Maud Martinage

Expertise: Retail sales/design Area: Newcastle-upon-Tyne I am an architect / interior designer with five years of experience in the kbb... View Article [18-6-2020]

Emma Godfrey

Experience: Installation and service/Retail sales design Area: Edinburgh I have been in the kitchen industry for 22 years, mostly in... View Article [18-6-2020]

Tony McMahon

Experience: Sales Area: Buckinghamsire I have over 12 years kbb industry field sales experience holding positions from ASM to RSM... View Article [18-6-2020]

Rebecca Dearnley

Expertise: Sales Area: West Yorkshire I am a highly motivated individual who thrives on customer relationships and sales. I work... View Article [18-6-2020]

Peter Thompson

Expertise: Installation management Area: East Midlands I have been working in the KBB for nearly 30 years in all aspects... View Article [18-6-2020]

Paul Banting

Experience: Sales Area: South East I’ve been in the kbb industry for nine years working for some very large companies,... View Article [18-6-2020]

Mark Tigwell

Expertise: Sales Area: South/South West I am a hugely experienced sales professional that has been in the kitchen and bedroom... View Article [18-6-2020]

Jon Halliday

Expertise: Customer Service Area: West Yorkshire I’m a highly adaptable and experienced senior manager with a wealth of experience in... View Article [18-6-2020]

Andy Tucker

I am a highly experienced operations manager with over 15 years in the kbb industry performing project management and various furniture manufacturing roles. I am an accomplished, versatile, and results-driven professional with a proven track record in driving production and reducing costs. [18-6-2020]

Lisa Davidson

Experience: Sales Area: National I’m an experienced national account manager based in Oxfordshire, having spent the last six years working for... View Article [15-6-2020]

Alex Hawkins

Experience: Retail sales/design Area: Southwest I’m a kbb designer with years of experience, I am continually establishing and refining my... View Article [15-6-2020]