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Amsterdam to Lüneberg with the Blues Brothers

After the adventures of day two and missing out on loads of points for the challenges Team kbbreview were determined to get back on track. The good news is (spoiler alert!), we made it through day two without any bollard incidents, break downs, punctures or any other car-related failures. What did happen instead involved track driving, bratwurst, Dutch dykes and completely missing the entire area of Friesland – and not on purpose either as that was points lost straight away.

The first challenge of the day, however, wasn’t anything to do with the official rally, but rather a challenge for our Daisy. Ironically, in the flattest country in Europe, the ramp coming out of the hotel car park was the steepest one any of us had ever seen. Getting out meant flooring the ignition, a hefty amount of gas and some good old encouragement from Team kbbreview. “Come on Daisy, you can do it!” And, after a moment of “Oh no, she’s going to roll back”, thankfully she didn’t. Arriving to a round of applause from other Rally teams Daisy made it to the top. 

We were on the road. Destination: Lüneberg in Germany. Fancy dress for the day was music theme – kbbreview team transformed into the Blues Brothers.

Along the way (classic Blues Brothers playlist plugged in), the road was lined with the day’s tasks. First up, find a Dutch dyke. Easy, right? Only if you take the correct road. It was only after we crossed the border into Germany that we realised we’d taken the A6 rather than the E22, which would have taken us along the coastal route – and by the dyke, but all we ended up seeing was lots of flat countryside. Still lovely, but sadly, challenge failed, but we did spot a Yellow Submarine!

Next, find a bratwurst (easy); drink Weissbier from the boot (easy *not the driver); acquire a brochure from a German car manufacturer (done); and arrive at the day’s main challenge: an indoor-outdoor go-karting track to race against the other teams. There were points for the fastest team, but there was a twist, too. Twenty five points were up for grabs for the slowest team. Now, after a little bump in Daisy yesterday, Lindsay was quite happy to go cautiously slow and steady, the fear of bollards still fresh in the mind. And thanks to her lap time of around two and a half minutes (versus an average one minute from everyone else!), we bagged the bonus – yes! Slow and steady wins the race. 

Back in the car and driver on duty Deanna tried to find an open bar to sample a shot of Berenburg, a dark-coloured liqueur. Saturday afternoon and all bars were closed. Also, turns out Berenberg is a Dutch drink and nowhere to be found in our part of Germany. Seems we were in a bit of a rush to leave the Netherlands. Fail.

On the plus side, we’d won bonus points, completed all the other challenges and the destination of Lüneberg was inching closer. Daisy completed the last 120 miles without a hitch and we successfully achieved our mission of getting to Lüneberg – yes!

Thanks to a smooth day, we made good time and had a chance to explore the town centre before dinner and snapped a few team selfies in the picturesque main square. By this time, after three days on the road, the fatigue was beginning to hit, so we headed back to the hotel, prepped tomorrow’s fancy dress, made sure Daisy was settled in for the night and sampled the local wine. All in a day’s work. Bring on day four – Copenhagen, we’re coming to get you…

Head over to our Instagram page for some highlights from day 2 – @kbbreview

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