Is open-plan over?

One client has caused Howard Miller to call into question whether open-plan living is always the best design solution and discusses creating broken-plan spaces. [16-5-2022]

Experience isn’t everything

KBB retail consultant, Paul da Silva, looks back on his early experiences with MFI when he discovered how much easier it is to teach someone product knowledge, rather than how to sell. [25-4-2022]

3D printing: Thinking beyond the box

The founder of specialist KBB research company JKMR, Jayne Barber, can see a future where components and even whole houses are 3D printed and where the customisation of products can be taken to hitherto undreamt-of levels. [18-4-2022]

Small showrooms but perfectly formed

Smaller kitchen showrooms have many advantages over their larger competitors. Small is beautiful. Here Phillip Ozorio, the founder and design director of Connaught Kitchens, in London shares his thoughts on this widely debated subject. [11-4-2022]

The KBB retailer’s secret weapon

Inspire KBB’s marketing director, Emily Halderthay, explains why online case studies are a valuable way for independent retailers to steal a march on higher-profile national chains. [4-4-2022]

All change again for kitchen design

David Yearsley, the chief executive of in-worktop drinks chiller manufacturer Kaelo reflects on how the pandemic has changed what people are looking for in their kitchens and how designers need to embrace that change. [28-3-2022]

‘No socks please, just honesty’, says TKC CEO

Roy Saunders, CEO of components distributor TKC, looks at the impact of ongoing supply issues and price rises and why suppliers need to adapt to support retailers through the challenges. [21-3-2022]