Keep business healthy

Darren Taylor, MD of Searle & Taylor, explains why he wants a more unified industry and why working with other businesses on projects you might otherwise have sent clients elsewhere for can pay dividends all round  [13-9-2021]

Supply shortages: a retail rollercoaster

Malcolm Scott, the KBSA corporate chair, reflects on Brexit, supply chain disruption, labour shortages, the pandemic and price increases as he predicts there will be ongoing ‘issues’ for some time to come. [6-9-2021]

Talent spotting

s the reality of the industry’s recruitment crisis takes hold, Paul Crow, MD of Ripples, offers some words of advice on how to find the hidden talent and ensure your business is top of their list to work for. [30-8-2021]

Carbon neutral is dead. Long live net zero

Our climate change champion Richard Hagan, managing director of Crystal Doors, says forget carbon neutral, the race to net zero is the new holy grail and that it’s no longer enough to rely on offsetting emissions [23-8-2021]

Are consumers becoming more brand focused?

Consumers are more aware of brands and more educated about companies these days, but what challenges does this bring retailers? John Robinson, marketing manager at Blanco, offers his thoughts on the matter. [16-8-2021]

Multigenerational homes: A new style of living

colm Scott, the KBSA corporate chair, believes that, with the growing popularity of multigenerational households, KBB retailers would do well to make the most of this lucrative area for sales. [9-8-2021]

Wayne Dance

Move forwards with caution

Why Wayne Dance, the MD of InHouse, is urging the industry to be cautious about the months ahead, despite the recent unprecedented surge in demand for kitchen and bathroom renovations brought on by the pandemic [2-8-2021]

Culture club of the bathroom market

Warren Ginsberg, the HiB chairman reflects on the changing culture of the bathroom industry over the past 50 years and why, despite recent challenges, there are exciting times ahead. [12-7-2021]

Sustainability: Investing in the long game

Simon Taylor, the MD of Simon Taylor Furniture explains the steps he has taken in his business to save energy, avoid sending anything to landfill and generally play his part in a more sustainable, circular economy. [21-6-2021]