In Depth

Supply chain ‘on brink of collapse’

The KBB supply chain is at breaking point as a shortage of HGV drivers looks set to make things even worse. Chris Frankland gets the reaction from the industry. [22-7-2021]

Case study: The triple challenge

The client was buzzing with ideas when she first went into Ripples and worked with one of its senior designers, Jo Sangster, to bring her vision to life [14-7-2021]

Clean up with Neolith

Neolith’s surfaces helps keep your customer’s homes hygienic and free from viruses and bacteria thanks to the unique make-up of their composition. We find out more about this special product feature… [1-7-2021]

How to make sustainability business as usual

Ian Moverley, public affairs director, Whirlpool UK Appliances, gives insight into the company’s sustainability strategy and why it’s encouraging retailers to take a ‘greener’ approach to business [4-6-2021]

Retailers, consumers and water efficiency

Julie Spinks, managing director of Water Regs UK, explains how retailers can include water efficiency on the list of customer priorities when it comes to upgrading their kitchens and bathrooms. [3-6-2021]