Biggest bugbear for kitchen installers revealed

The greatest frustrations for kitchen installers have been discovered.

Research carried out by worksurface manufacturer Maxtop found that fitting worktops to wonky walls or tiled surfaces was the biggest bugbear for installers, with 23% identifying it as the single biggest problem they face on a daily basis.

To overcome this, Maxtop has suggested that suppliers need to ensure they’re providing specialist equipment to cut and install surfaces, so the worktops can fit flush to the walls.

Another frustration was damaged goods or heavy worktops, with 19% of fitters citing ruined material due to water damage or as a result of its own weight in transport as the most vexing part of the job.

Maxtop again suggested that suppliers need to ensure careful transport as well as working on material innovation, including ways to reduce the weight of popular kitchen surfaces.

The third biggest annoyance was long and unnecessary delays, which puts a hindrance on projects across the UK. Meanwhile, fitters also said that poor quality materials make an installer’s job more difficult than it needs to be. Plus fitters admitted that limited availability of both styles and lengths could also be frustrating.

Lastly, the fifth biggest bugbear for fitters was managing customer’s expectations during a job. Maxtop said it believes this is down to the education of suppliers and installers, including how this is relayed to the end user.

  • Image top: Maxtop Quartz pure white surface
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