Quooker launches ‘unbeatable’ new boiling water tap

Boiling water tap specialist Quooker has launched the Flex boiling water tap, which it believes will further strengthen the brand’s position in the UK market.

Described as its “most innovative tap” to date, in addition to delivering boiling and hot and cold water, Flex includes a fourth function, a pull-out flexible hose. The tap is fitted with an additional safety mechanism that prevents boiling water being dispensed through the hose.

Speaking at a press event at Quooker’s HQ in Ridderderk, Holland, Quooker joint director Walter Peteri said: “Since we launched Flex 12 months ago, we’ve grown by more than 30% in the Netherlands.

“Quooker UK is already growing by 15 to 20% year on year and we’re confident that, once we introduce Flex, the brand will also grow by 30% in that market.”

Stephen Johnson, managing director of Quooker UK, added: “We want to give our customers the flexibility of being able to direct cold or warm water wherever they want it, to help with tasks such as cleaning the sink, cleaning vegetables or taking food residue off plates and pans before washing. That’s why we’ve created the best of both worlds in the four-in-one Quooker Flex – an ultra-safe boiling water tap combined with a truly versatile mixer tap. And by adding our new integrated water filter, we have actually created a five-in-one tap to provide drinking water as well.

“The addition of the filtered cold water is an exclusive feature for the UK market. But, it’s a bit like buying a car. If you buy the Flex, and you want the addition of filtered cold water, then you can have it. If you don’t, then you don’t have to.

“In terms of safety, and savings in time, energy, water and money, we think it’s probably unbeatable.”

According to Johnson, as the product takes hold in the UK market, Quooker will look at the potential of adding other optional features, such as chilled and sparkling water.

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