European Water Label ends 2015 on a high

The European Water Label has announced a successful 2015 following its annual review.

The voluntary industry led labelling scheme is now fully representative across 14 different bathroom product categories. It saw commitments from eight national trade bodies across five European countries representing the bathroom sector.

The scheme has seen brand registrations reach a high of 97, adding the likes of Duravit, V&B and Roca to its list of products. This brings the total number of registrations to 11,051 at the end of 2015.

It also announced it had received a number of enquiries that will be converted into brand registrations in 2016.

The main goal for the Water Label this year is translating the scheme into more languages, which it said would aid awareness and visibility at a national level. Spanish and German translations are already under way and are expected to go live during January 2016.

The first ‘National Partners’ will be on board early this year, with others expected to follow. A new section of the scheme is also being finalised and early 2016 will see the introduction of a ‘Shower Pumps below 750W’ category.

Yvonne Orgill, managing director of EWL, indicated her delight with the progress of this voluntary and value-led scheme.

“2015 proved to be a turning point in the development of our product label. The scheme grew very rapidly this year. It now covers 14 different bathroom product categories and embraces the national nuances of 38 countries. It is already available in three languages (and there will be more) and boasts over 11,000 different products, from 98 brands, in its database. To end the year, the scheme was presented with its fifth Award, this time from SWIG, the Sustainable Water Industry Group. Needless to say we are delighted how the label progressed this year.”

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