Electrolux makes a connection at CES

Electrolux was on the Google stand at 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to demonstrate its connected ovens running on Google Weave and Brillo.

It also showed models running on the open-source AllJoyn protocol. These ovens were equipped with a camera that can provide a live feed from the oven to a mobile device.

Through the accompanying app, users can start the cooking process via a mobile as well as change temperature and humidity levels and switch functions.

Electrolux joined Google’s Early Access Program for its Brillo operating system and Weave communications protocol in September 2015.

Google invited a select number of early access partners in May 2015 to work on its Brillo operating system, which is aimed at low-power and memory-constrained IoT devices, and Weave communication protocol, which allows products to communicate with each other without requiring an internet connection.

Speaking at CES, Electrolux chief operations officer and R&D head Jan Brockmann said: “Electrolux is committed to shaping the future of connected appliances to deliver great experiences to consumers everyday, whether it’s making great tasting food for their families or better managing their homes. We are very excited about this cooperation with Google and look forward to working together to develop smart home solutions based on Brillo and Weave.”

Added Mr Brockmann: “We have a consumer-focused approach to connected appliances and believe that smart homes will become truly interesting to consumers when we offer products and services that enhance the experience of their everyday tasks. Our connected appliances will deliver value by addressing their unmet needs – it’s not just technology for technology’s sake.”

The connected oven based on the AllJoyn platform will be launched in Europe in April 2016.

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