Ultra parent company buys BC Designs

Roxor Group, a new holding company that also owns bathroom supplier UItra Finishing, has acquired a majority share in BC Designs International.

The group has bought a 70% share of the premium brand, with the remainder owned by Barrie Cutchie and Darren Allison of BC Designs.

Speaking exclusively to kbbreview, Roxor’s chief executive Dave Cullen (pictured) confirmed that the two companies would remain as separate entities with no plans to merge the two.

The group also owns brands Niko, Portabella Shaw, Shanghai PTB sanitaryware and soon to be UAE-based Fireclay Factory.

The merger will see a new premium brand being launched through the BC Designs channel in the coming months. The name of the brand will be confirmed at the end of August.

He also confirmed that the group is currently in the process of selecting three to four distributors who will receive exclusivity to the product, which will also be announced at the end of August.

The new group name forms part of the company’s strategy to bring coherence and connectivity to its many subsidiaries and brands.

Commenting on the new corporate name, Cullen said: “The diversification of companies and brands, each reflecting their own product portfolios and service, demands a new corporate name to unify all subsidiary companies and sub-brands when referenced collectively. Roxor Group Limited is the new name and we are excited to see this new top-line name take us forward to greater success.

“With a high growth strategy and further product and services diversification planned, the new name will be instrumental in communicating the exciting future ahead.”

Speaking to kbbreview on the acquistion, BC Designs chairman Barrie Cutchie said: “Darren and I are very excited for the future with the Roxor Group. We very much appreciated that the strength and forward thinking of the group would allow us to bring to life products we would probably not have previously made. This will allow us to further strengthen the BC Designs brand.

“Roxor are very much supporting our abilities in product creation, while Darren’s vast knowledge of potential customers at this level of the market gives us the ideal scenario for growth in many areas. Exciting times ahead for us all.”

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