Kermi UK ceases trading

German shower enclosure and radiator manufacturer Kermi has announced it is “closing down” the UK arm of the business.

Kermi UK will cease trading on November 1, with its sales office and warehouse also closing on this date.

The company is owned by AFG Arbonia Forster Holding AG, with the group attributing the decision to “an extremely price-driven market with competition rising constantly from low-cost countries”, which it said made it impossible for it to conduct business in a viable way.

It also explained that exchange rates remaining at constantly low levels were also negatively impacting the business.

In a letter sent out to its retailers on September 1, Kermi UK said: “It is our intention that we shall endeavour to fulfil any existing orders. We shall continue to take orders for items which we have available in stock – in our UK warehouse – for the period up to September 29. On this basis, we ask that you enquire about availability prior to finalising your order. However, please be aware that delivery of such orders will need to take place on or before October 27.”

It added that it was proud to have been chosen as a supplier for its customers and wished them the “very best” for the future.

One of Kermi UK’s customers, Ripples managing director Paul Crow, said that the news came as no surprise.

“The situation was predicted and within Ripples we have been reducing our commitment in new showrooms and existing showrooms for some time,” he said.

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