Strong growth in wet-room market

The wet-room market offers “significant growth potential” and has increased by 10% between 2014 and 2016, new figures have shown.

The Wet Room Market Report – UK 2017-2021 Analysis from AMA Research showed that the demand for wet rooms had increased significantly in recent years.

Growth was particularly strong in 2015 and saw more modest rates in 2016/17 at around 3% a year.

Moderate growth was also forecast up to 2021, when the market was expected to increase by 18%, compared with 2017.

Key market drivers in 2014/15 included increasing levels of new house building, particularly in the retirement/care sector, where wet rooms tend to be more common.

However, in 2016 and the first half of 2017, the wet-room market experienced more modest growth, largely as a result of political and economic uncertainty in the UK.

The floor-formers and level-access trays sector dominated the market in terms of value, followed by waterproof tanking kits, glass wet-room panels and drainage products.

The 25mm level-access tray, according to the report, was in greater demand, compared with other shower trays and enclosures, and was often used as an alternative to the wet-room floor former.

Frameless glass wet-room panels also saw good growth, as these can be used to zone off the wet room, creating wet and dry areas.

Recent product developments included pre-moulded wet-room floor formers with built-in gradient and membrane waterproof tanking systems, which the report said were easier to install and provided greater installation accuracy.

Developments in the drainage products sector included wall-mounted and linear drains for a seamless finish and digital drainage pumps that operate wirelessly when the shower is turned on.

AMA Research claimed that one of the reasons behind the growing popularity of wet rooms was their versatility, as they can now be installed in any room of the house and on most types of floor.

Falling prices have also made wet rooms a more affordable option to the mainstream consumer.

Going forward, the report suggested that the emerging trend of multi-generational households would bump up demand, as these properties would need to be adapted to suit the needs of all family members.

The accessibility of wet rooms for elderly and disabled customers, it said, compared with traditional bathrooms, would also be a key driver for growth. The AMA pointed out that wet rooms were one of the most popular bathroom adaptations paid for by a Disabled Facility Grant (DFG), which is set to double over the next two to three years.

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