Introducing Zip’s new HydroTap All-in-One Celsius Arc

SPONSORED: The days of style over substance are dwindling

Style and substance – two approaches to product design that have the power to both oppose and complement one another.

Team style focuses on the shape, finish and beauty of a product, while team substance centres on functionality, efficiency and usability.

However, pitch the two together – a trend gaining real momentum in the kitchen arena of late – and everyone’s happy.

Zip Water UK’s newest product releases demonstrate just this. A brand traditionally revered for substance, Zip’s reputation for cutting-edge functionality, energy efficiency, safety and durability is second to none.

However, in 2015, Zip upped its style game when it introduced the Design Range, which welcomed the now hugely popular Arc and Cube designs.

Skip forward a year, and Zip’s Platinum range of finishes were launched. This saw the brand’s standard bright chrome, brushed chrome, matt black and gloss  black joined by eight new on-trend metallic finishes, including the much in-demand Scandi rose gold and warm yellow gold.

Retaining the same level of advanced technology, both launches proved that aesthetics and function can indeed be happy bedfellows. But come Zip’s most recent launch, and the concept of style matching substance has been taken to another level.

Having worked closely with the design community to gain insight into exactly what consumers are looking for, last month the revolutionary new HydroTap All-in- One Celsius Arc was revealed.

Not only does the new product instantly dispense all five water types – including filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water, plus unfiltered hot and cold water for washing up – but for the very first time, all of this functionality has been wrapped up in the elegant Arc design. What’s more, it’s available in all 12 of Zip’s finish options, making it the ultimate style meets substance appliance.

As well as offering huge design scope, the HydroTap also boasts water that’s 25 times more filtered than a water filter jug. Eliminating the need for still and sparkling bottled water, as well as a kettle and additional mixer tap, owners can de-clutter countertops and free up storage; making that bang on-trend minimalist look much more achievable.

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