JT backs deal to help Brits compete in USA

Shower tray manufacturer JT has been working with transatlantic networking company BritishAmerican Business to raise awareness of the benefits of a new free trade agreement being brokered between the USA and EU.

The Leeds-based company, which currently sells shower trays to the Europe and Middle East, hopes the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal will remove barriers to trade with the USA.

The deal would improve export opportunities and allow British companies to compete better in the States.

The falling exchange rate of sterling against the dollar would further boost export opportunities as importing from the UK would be cheaper for American buyers.

Said JT managing director Paul Crossley (pictured): “We have been asked to assist BritishAmerican Business in their support of British exports by removing some of the current barriers to trade. This work has culminated in a meeting with the chief negotiator for the US government and the US Ambassador for Trade.

Crossley added: “As a proud Great British manufacturer, JT exports globally to the Far East and Europe and we’re keen to introduce more ranges to the US, particularly as we feel our products are technically and ecstatically more modern in design than shower trays currently in sale in the US market. We just wish the process could be simplified and more flexible to help us achieve our goals.

“We think that simplifying the US standards and criteria or aligning them more with European standards would help British firms to compete in the US market.”

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