Alno AG to close permanently

Alno AG has announced the permanent shutdown of the business after it failed to secure a buyer.

Insolvency administrator Prof Dr Martin Hörmann said it was “bitter news” for the company and that Alno employees at the Pfullendorf site would receive their redundancy payments this month (November).

Hörmann revealed that there had been no interested parties willing to get involved with Alno and so there was no alternative but to suspend business operations and initiate a plant shutdown.

Components for Pino Küchen will be available for a limited time.

A team of 60 employees will take over insolvency-specific processing activities.

“We have fought and tried everything to find a viable future solution for Alno, but without an investor who would have been willing to remove the investment backlog and, moreover, invest considerable resources in continuing its business operations, there is no future for Alno. I am very sorry for that because. I see what Alno means for the people here and in the region,” said Hörmann.

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