2018 kitchen and interior design trends revealed

A number of key interior design and kitchen trends are already coming through for 2018.

According to Somerset-based kitchen retailer Papilio Interiors, warm neutrals and organic colours are set to be big for 2018.

In particular, it believes that gold, which has been on trend for a while, will start to be combined more with browns and organic materials this year.

Tiling specialist Tile Trader, on the other hand, predicts that sage is set to be this year’s most popular colour choice.

Papilio also expects to see vibrant colour schemes to continue throughout 2018, and predicted this would move into a trend for colour clashing of bright colours.

Tile Trader country sage tiles
Tile Trader country sage tiles

Tile Trader also reports a similar trend, but claims that interior styling is seeing a growing trend for mixing and matching of patterns and colours.

It also expects dark hues to remain a staple fixture in design trends, with dark blues, forest greens and dark greys becoming even more popular in latter stages of 2017.

When it comes to materials used in the kitchen, Papilio anticipates an increase in the use of “characterful” veneers, such as pippy elm and walnut. These materials add texture and can be used in bespoke manners to create things, such as statement walls to unique cabinetry and shelving.

The trend for metals continues and with it brass is expected to increase in popularity, being paired with warm colourways to create statement features in the kitchen.

Integrated hobs in Papilio copper kitchen
Integrated hobs in Papilio copper kitchen

The retailer also reports seeing a surge in the demand for kitchen worktops in Neolith.

Another interior design trend reported by Tile Trader is the eclectic ‘Wabi-Sabi’, which is a mix of Scandi and Japanese simplicity and style. Tile Trader even claims this would be 2018’s “breaking” trend.

In appliances, the technology and the smart home are continuing to grow in demand, with smart appliances becoming an increasing ‘must have’ in kitchen designs.

With entertaining at home a big trend, homeowners are demanding multiple ovens, according to Papilio.

Brass statement taps in Papilio Georgian kitchen
Brass statement taps in Papilio Georgian kitchen

The popularity for kitchen islands is also seeing greater demand for hobs that feature integrated extraction, while sparking water taps continue to be an essential feature of kitchens.

Other interior trends expected throughout 2018 include unique lighting solutions, with Papilio claiming it is one of the “most important features” in the home.

Feature taps are becoming increasingly important to homeowners when designing a kitchen, according to Papilio, with homeowners not wanting to settle for an “ordinary” sink area.

Another design element continuing to grow throughout 2018 is open shelving, which allows homeowners to make a statement in their kitchen through accessories.

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