Neolith launches new precision tool

Neolith has announced a new fitting solution, which is a market first and promises to offer designers more scope for creativity.

The Neolith Infinity, which will be released this month, is a multifunctional tooling system that helps fabricators connect two slabs together “seamlessly” by finely sharpening the edges before levelling them.

Neolith said the new tool is a direct response to calls from interior designers for hyperrealism and invisible jointing on kitchen worktops and bathroom vanities.

The device consists of three elements – the guiding rule, parallel system and grinding head.

Neolith also claimed that the tool also allows for the creation of super-strength joints with high resistance to UV and no thermal expansion.

Neolith Infinity can be used across the whole range of Neolith surfaces.

Neolith marketing director Mar Esteve Cortes said: “It’s always exciting to bring a new product to the market, especially one which we have invested so much time and expertise in creating. From a practical perspective, Infinity offers far greater flexibility for those looking to incorporate a sintered stone surface within their home, presenting plenty of aesthetic inspiration.

“From a philosophical perspective, I think Infinity reflects Neolith’s imaginative approach and uncompromising desire for perfection. We cannot wait to see the potential for Infinity when our fabricators get their hands on it.”

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