TKC launches Jigsaw

TKC has launched Jigsaw, a complete kitchen solution that promises to save retailers time and money.

Jigsaw combines TKC’s doors, cabinets, storage, sinks, taps, worktops and other accessories.

It is available in 16 contemporary and traditional ranges, which include handleless, slab and shaker doors, internal and external curves, matt and gloss finishes, solid timber doors and hand-painted ranges.

Its Quickcab cabinets also feature a pre-fitted cam-and-dowel design that can reduce construction time by around 75%, TKC claimed.

Jigsaw also has a dedicated website and 230-page consumer brochure.

Neil Taggart, marketing manager at TKC, said: “TKC has been established since 1989 and has sold cabinets as part of a complete kitchen solution now for over 10 years. Our radically increased product range and investment in marketing has effectively created Jigsaw, a brand that retailers can have confidence in. Our Quickcab has been hugely popular both in terms of quality and in the amount of time it’s saving on construction. Our doors have always represented some of the best in the industry, with painted finishes rather than vinyl and a depth of offer that new customers will appreciate.

“The introduction of Jigsaw allows us to offer different purchasing options to suit different customers, with the same depth and breadth of products, however they choose to buy from us, whether complete or as components. The marketing collateral for Jigsaw is outstanding and we’re confident that, in combining this with our established products, Jigsaw will prove to be a winner for both TKC and our customers.”

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