Anti-fingerprint worktop in absolute matte heralds new era in kitchen design

SPONSORED: Matte finishes have become increasingly popular in recent years but traditionally its prominence in kitchen design has been subdued by its impracticality as fingerprints and marks show up easily on standard surfaces. After all, who wants to see unsightly marks in an area where cleanliness is key?

Addressing this issue, Formica Group has used its patented technology to develop Formica Infiniti® Worktops, an anti-fingerprint and anti-marking surface that introduces an evolution in laminate and kitchen design.

The worktop’s micro-contours diffuse light to give the surface a depth of colour, providing its marble, wood and stone look decors with a visual authenticity. The same contours that give the surface its water repellent qualities also channel moisture away from fingerprints so they don’t leave marks.

Can you feel it?

With its moleskin-like texture, Formica Infiniti Worktops add a sensorial dimension to the kitchen. Whether consciously or not, we all have a tendency to touch the surfaces around us, the introduction of an ultra-smooth worktop to your kitchen means not only does your worktop look good, it feels good too.

Furthermore, anti-microbial protection prevents the harbouring and growth of bacteria, so the surface doesn’t just look clean, it is clean.

Different from high-gloss surfaces or deep texture, Formica Infiniti Worktops create an understated aesthetic with its absolute matte finish moving laminate away from the association of plastic.

Décor options

Twelve modern, on-trend décors are available in the Formica Infiniti Worktops range. Four solid neutral colours form the core of the range offering a sleek fit for today’s kitchen. A unique woodgrain – Washed Knotty Ash – breaks away from the typical standard oak and walnut look with a distinctive limed grain that blends with the greys in the range.

Stone effect finishes – Carrara Bianco and Nero Grafite – offer a classic, stylish finish, while Elemental Graphite and Elemental Concrete provide an urban-industrial look. Finally, three exclusive engineered stone patterns – Neo Cloud, Neo Tornado, Neo Cyclone – create a harmonious blend when both smooth or tactile finishes are used.

Unrivalled colour

Available in six product sizes, the full range offers worktops, breakfast bars, splashbacks and upstands, giving complete freedom for a uniform design throughout the whole kitchen or the option to mix and match for visual interest. Formica Infiniti Worktops have the largest colour palette available in the market for a surface with anti-fingerprint properties.

A square edge option as well as a more conventional post-form edge gives scope for additional design possibilities for the heart of the home.

Made in Britain

Formica Infiniti Worktops carry the Made in Britain marque and are manufactured by Formica Group at its UK manufacturing plant. The Made in Britain campaign is designed to promote and celebrate the manufacture of UK-made goods. Formica Group is the only High Pressure Laminate manufacturer to carry the Made in Britain marque.

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