Let there be Rock…

Designer Colin Wong, creative director of Edinburgh-based KBB studio Development Direct, has explained the thinking behind the Rock concept kitchen (pictured) he unveiled at kbb Birmingham.

Show organiser UBM wanted this year’s exhibition to be an “immersive experience” for attendees and approached Wong to come up with a concept that designers could relate to.

Wong delivered four individual kitchen sculptures in collaboration with fabricators that “focus more on client individuality and designer creativity”.

Wong said the concept proved particularly popular with designers, who loved the lateral thinking behind the idea.

“The kitchen industry normally takes the conventional route of designing the cabinetry first followed by the work surface,” Wong said, “but my concept turns this process on its head.

Colin Wong
Colin Wong

“I feel today’s kitchen industry is too reliant on manufacturer-driven trends, which can often ‘time-stamp’ a kitchen. My concept looks to remove the primary focus off the cabinetry and on to the design form itself. Clients can commission their own personalised Rock and cloak it in their selected material, with their chosen furniture simply ‘slotted’ into place at the end to suit.

“I wanted to hand the power back to designers to create more thought-provoking designs which have a real sense of permanence,” Wong added. “I hope my concept encourages designers from all walks of life, whether it be artisan blacksmiths or pop artists, to leave their mark on our design landscape. I feel designers don’t need to tread the same worn path, but can instead take the odd detour on the road of individuality.”

Wong chose to donate all proceeds from the sale of the Rock to a charity he supports for disadvantaged children in Asia.

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