Uform Unveils Four Cutting Edge Door Designs & More Colour Choice

SPONSORED: Uform has introduced its latest product offering which includes four innovative kitchen door designs, 5 stylish new stains and 6 trendy paint to order colours as well as more paint to order options for existing ranges. Raising the bar again in terms of choice, quality and value, this newest launch offers a wealth of design options with all new ranges offering made-to-order doors, drawer fronts and accessories.

Aldana is the new skinny shaker style door which is constructed from a solid ash frame and veneered ash centre panel. A modern twist on the classic shaker, Aldana is available ex-stock sanded and can be painted to order from a palette of 27 colours on a 10 day lead time, colour matching is also available. Accessories such as an acute angled cornice and made to order items such as feature frames with horizontal bars and overmantles, all work together to create a more modern feel. Aldana can also portray a mock in-frame look through the application of a new universal post, the latest design feat from Uform. The new multi-functional component can also act as a pilaster, a corpel and can be used to create a framed end panel system. Available for use on all plant on door ranges, both modern and contemporary, consumers can have that much desired framed look.

Commenting on the latest additions, Chairman Eamon Donnelly says, ‘This is a monumental launch for Uform. These ranges will help retailers take their business to the next level and this includes our new universal post. Because it can help create the illusion of an in-frame style kitchen at a fraction of the cost, this is a major selling point for the retailer so it’s a lucrative product. Cost savings are passed on to the consumer meaning they get the kitchen they want for less. The retailer can also be confident in the design & install of the kitchen as it comes without the usual technical challenges associated with true in-frames’.

Belgravia is another new door design in the form of an ornately detailed in-frame, comprised of a solid ash frame with flat veneered ash centre panel and internal moulding. Available ex-stock sanded, this door features a superb quality painted finish with visible woodgrain and can be painted to order from the Uform standard paint palette on a 10 day lead time, colour matching is also available. A versatile range of made-to-order accessories are available for a more opulent look.

Following extensive research and development, Uform has introduced the new Ferro MDF slab door finished in a metal paint and is the first UK company to produce a door finish of this kind. This new range propels contemporary styling with 3 stunning paint colours, iron, copper and brass, all of which are available in both smooth and weathered finishes. Ferro works beautifully as a feature door alongside other Uform ranges and provides endless design possibilities for both the commercial and retail markets. Exuding a high end designer look, Ferro comes with a range of made to order accessories.

Rezana is another new slab door, manufactured from MDF and over veneered in full crown knotty oak with 2mm solid edging. The door is brushed and cross scratched to further enhance its grain structure.

Rezana is available as stained to order and also comes with a range of designer accessories and made to order sizes.

Uform is also extending paint to order colour offerings in their popular smooth painted matte ranges. Georgia, Florence, Strada & Zola will all be available from the standard palette of 27 colours, including the 6 new painted colours.

To complete their stained options, four new shades have been introduced which can be applied to Rezana, Tavola & Clonmel ranges.

Samples for all new ranges will be available for order from April 2018 and full stock will be available to order from May 2018. For further information or to download the latest product brochure, visit the Uform trade website, www.uform.co.uk or contact the Customer Services team on +44(0)28 7965 1650 or email [email protected]

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