Alno UK ring-fenced customer cash deposits

New documents have revealed that customer deposits made by cheque or bank transfer to Alno UK were ring-fenced when the company went into administration.

Joint administrators Gareth Harris and Keith Marshall of RSM Restructuring Advisory LLP explained that around £235,000 was held in a Barclays Bank account on the date of administration for these customers.

Customers who paid via credit or debit card have been advised by the administrators to contact their card issuer in order to seek a refund, with wording being provided to assist with such claims.

To date, the administrators have refunded a total of £147,605 to customers who have paid deposits via bank transfer or cheque, with £87,391 still being held in a trust account for claims yet to be made.

However, the administrators advised that any customer payments made to the company’s former subsidiaries – which included Bradbury’s of Bristol, Bradbury’s of Exeter, Birmingham Kitchens and Stourbridge Kitchens – would be the responsibility of the subsidiary and not Alno UK.

The administrators also said it had reviewed the conduct of the directors during the administration process and claimed that “no further investigations were deemed necessary”.

A recent statement from Alno AG administrator Prof Dr Martin Hörmann said that former Alno AG board members and managing directors of its subsidiaries are being investigated for claims of compensation on behalf of the creditors.

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