Sheridan becomes a BiKBBI Installations Standards Partner

Sheridan Fabrications is the first worktop fabrication specialist to become an Installations Standards Partner of the BiKBBI.

The company has made investments on its front line and its teams are trained to manage all types of worktops and customer service. It believes that ‘the recognition of the BiKBBI membership underpins Sheridan’s aim to achieve superior levels of customer service at every stage.’

David Mercer, Sheridan’s Installation Director said: “Sheridan Fabrications is proud to be the first specialist worktops company, who’s installers have achieved BiKBBI accreditation. As we value exceptional levels of customer service and installations standards, it seemed a natural step to take.

“The BiKBBI has strong values focused around education, quality auditing and excellent customer service. This ethos is shared by Sheridan, and we feel that by committing to BiKBBI’s Core Pillars, we can help improve the industry and provide great opportunities for those installers we work with.”

The supplier has seen steady growth for the last 20 years for both sales and in its team – most recently with two new appointments.

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