Vanessa Brady awarded honorary Doctorate

Vanessa Brady OBE, founder of the Society of British International Design (SBID), has been awarded an honorary Doctor of Design degree from Southampton Solent University, in recognition of her contribution to the industry.

Brady has 30-years experience in the interior design industry and her portfolio includes projects on high security government offices and head of states palaces. She has also been commissioned by numerous banks and property owners such as Grosvenor Estates, RBS and JP Morgan.

On receiving her award, Vanessa said: “I am thrilled to be honoured as an industry representative. The fulfillment that education provides is experienced throughout the lifetime of a career, especially in the realm of the arts.

“It all starts with an idea and the solution to a problem and then the measured process of how to achieve the solution before aspiring to inspire and improve well-being by aesthetics.”


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