Insinkerator donates taps to homeless charity

Insinkerator has donated a 3in1 steaming hot water tap to two homeless charities: New Hope and ONE YMCA.

The two Watford-based organisations support individuals who are homeless, or are vulnerably housed.

New Hope has eight Watford-based accommodation services, with up to 61 beds available every night, including the Community Home, which offers short-term accommodation with sense of community. Insinkerator donated the hot water tap to the Community Home as a way to save time and make life easier for the staff during busy periods.

Annette Davis, manager of the Community Home, said: “In the Community Home a cup of tea is a tool for support. The new tap allows us to get on with the meaningful conversations quickly. Many of the discussions we have here are had in the kitchen over a hot drink.”

Anne Kaarlela, marketing communications manager, Europe and Russia Insinkerator, said: “New Hope and ONE YMCA do some amazing work and we are so pleased to have been able to support charities that are local to our head office. The new steaming hot water taps can offer a quick, much-needed, cup of tea to users of the Community Home and ONE YMCA, while providing a modern, easy-to-use appliance for the staff.”

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