KBBG to launch consumer website

The Kitchen Bathroom Buying Group (KBBG) has announced plans to create a consumer website, which it hopes will generate leads and promote members’ showrooms.

The theme of the website is ‘Hand on Heart’ – a promise that the independent retailers on the site will give “the best products at the best price with the best service”.

The site has been used in Der Kreis’s German operation for the past 12 months and its user interface will be updated for the UK market.

Bill Miller, managing director of the KBBG, said: “We will be instilling the virtues of buying from an independent specialist. We won’t say anything negative about national retailers, but the tone of the site will be about all these things we are offering that are available from an independent specialist. Then say to the customer you nearest independent specialist is here.

“Throughout the site there is space for customers to leave their details, which can then be passed on to the retailer to follow up on that lead.”

Miller also explained that the site will have the option for customers to start the design process and then these plans will be forwarded to the nearest showroom as well as details to give the designers a better lead to follow up on.

The website is phase one for the KBBG and phase two will be a launch of a consumer magazine, which will be free for customers to pick up in-store and will include recipes, KBB trends and insights into showrooms.

At the AGM, there were presentations by Jane Blakeborough, Trend-Monitor’s research director, on consumer trends and insights; Abbey Mills, Born Social’s client services director, explored social media; and the keynote speaker was Charlie Luxton, sustainable architecture specialist and presenter of More4’s ‘Building the Dream’, who discussed the topic of sustainability within the house-building industry.

It was also announced that to mark the KBBG’s 40th anniversary, next year’s AGM will be held in Stuttgart from May 10-12, 2019

• Our picture shows KBBG MD Bill Miller (right) at the AGM with keynote speaker Charlie Luxton

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