Hotpoint and Jamie Oliver campaign to reduce food waste in the UK

Hotpoint has launched a new campaign with brand ambassador and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to help UK families reduce food waste at home and its knock-on effect on the environment.

Hotpoint said the Fresh Thinking for Forgotten Food campaign aims to get British households thinking differently about their leftovers, as research it commissioned found that as a nation we throw away 8% of a £65 average weekly shop every week. This is equivalent to £271 of edible food every year.

Oliver said: “We’re a lucky bunch to be able to cook with such a huge range of ingredients. But, with so much great produce available, if you don’t have a bit of a plan, or forget to check what you have in the fridge before you set off, it’s easy to buy too much, and end up wasting food and money.

“For me, the most powerful weapon in the fight against food waste is food knowledge.

“It’s our best friend, and having the know-how to cook from scratch and to be able to adapt recipes to make use of what’s left in your fridge is an invaluable skill. And trust me, a little experimentation with an ingredient you were about to throw away can often lead to the most incredible new dishes and tastes.”

The top most-wasted food in the UK includes bread, bagged salad and fresh vegetables, according to Hotpoint’s survey of 1,999 people.

The campaign will see the celebrity chef hit the road this summer in a mobile kitchen equipped with the latest Hotpoint appliances, offering free demos and advice to the nation in five locations in the UK.

For Hotpoint, it’s an opportunity to showcase its latest Day-1 refrigerator technology and oven functionality with auto-recipe capability.

Earlier this year, Oliver told kbbreview at Eurocucina in Milan that he had teamed up with Hotpoint because of the “synergy” between their brands.

He said: “If there’s a multinational, like Hotpoint, that wants to promote cooking from scratch and encourage people to care about food in a new way, I’m interested. If you’re talking about a brand with technology as its foundation, with products that look good and work but aren’t going to cost the earth, I’m interested.”

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