UK households ‘hate cleaning their ovens’

In case you were wondering which kitchen chore British people hate the most – it’s cleaning their ovens, according to a new survey.

German furniture fittings and components firm Häfele interviewed 2,000 people to assess attitudes to cleaning in the kitchen and of those, 62% said scrubbing their ovens was their worst kitchen chore.

Getting rid of burnt chicken bits and scraping rock-hard pizza from the oven ceiling ranked far worse than the relatively more straightforward and less arduous tasks of cleaning the hob (24%) and washing the floor (22%).

Almost a fifth of respondents hated the job so much that they admitted to not following guidelines of cleaning your oven at least once every six months, while a minority (6%) did not bother at all.

Meanwhile, a quarter of respondents (24%) said they mopped the kitchen floor once a month or less, while a fifth (19%) claimed to only clean the fridge, a potential breeding ground for harmful bacteria including salmonella, every six months or less.

Chloë Thacker, marketing director, Häfele UK, said: “As our lives are getting busier, time is becoming increasingly precious so it’s no surprise that some kitchen tasks are taking a back seat.

“That’s why we’re seeing rising demand for innovative solutions that can help keep homes hygienic with less time and effort, such as self-cleaning pyrolitic ovens or plinth-mounted vacuum cleaners, which suck up swept debris, eliminating the need for dustpans and brushes.”

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