Used Kitchen Exchange adds finance option

Ex-display reseller Used Kitchen Exchange has introduced a finance facility on selected kitchens for the first time.

By offering buyers various repayment options, including 0% interest for certain showrooms, the Used Kitchen Exchange predicts sales growth of ex-displays of “more than 30%” in 12 months.

“Finance is a great business enabler and working with our award-winning partners, Close Brothers Retail Finance, we are able to offer buyers a variety of payment and finance options, including 0% interest for participating showrooms, which we believe will enable us to command higher sales prices,” said Helen Lord, Used Kitchen Exchange, founder and director.

She said that it had taken a year to achieve the finance facility and is an endorsement of the strength of the business.

“The bulk of our industry is made up of tiny independent showrooms, and it is unlikely that they could ever offer their customers this option, but they can have access to it through us if they work with us to sell their ex-displays.”

Lord said the finance facility could cut down on negotiating over ticket prices.

Kitchen retailers offer compare the dynamics of the industry to the car industry.

It is well-known that more than 80% of new cars in the UK are bought on finance, whereas consumers mostly have to pay the whole ticket price for the kitchen upfront.

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