First UK showroom for designer washroom brand

A designer wash space fittings specialist has laid out plans to open a showroom in the centre of London in January next year to display its eye-catching collections and collaborate with the industry on future innovations.

The Splash Lab was set up by brothers Justin and Fraser Lovell last year having worked at their family’s washroom business Lovair for more than a decade.

The firm uses warm metallics, sleek lines and “tactile materials”, like quartz, Corian and marble for its basins and brushed stainless steel in rich PVD finishes for taps, soap dispensers, hand dryers and flush valves.

Justin said their aim was to create an innovation hub for washroom design and change the mind-set of the wash space being an “afterthought”.

He added: “Considered design and product innovation can be a catalyst for positive behavioural change when addressing issues that occur in and around washrooms, such as privacy, gender inequality, bullying, vandalism and health concerns.

“The Splash Lab collaborates with architects to help create spaces of safety and sensory renewal that elevate the collective washroom experience.”

The Splash Lab’s primary focus is commercial and public customers. These include the hospitality, retail, museum and transport sectors.

It has already worked with Apple, Pinterest, the Westfield shopping centre and Heathrow Airport.

Justin said: “Washrooms are one of the most visited and sensitive spaces in a building, and a space where many important social, environmental and behavioural issues collide. Yet for too long they have been considered a design afterthought.

“We’re setting out to change that, undertaking rigorous research to determine the issues and dehumanising elements surrounding washrooms, and using top-quality materials to craft user-centred design solutions that advance the washspace for the benefit of everyone.”

The Aerofoil basin is one example of The Splash Lab’s washroom innovation, it says. The product is a flat, thin, single pane of solid marble affixed to the wall. The design is said to use the water’s surface tension to ensure it does not flow over its sides.

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