Bob Marsden leaves Nolte for Bauformat

Bob Marsden started his new role as UK country manager at Bauformat at the beginning of September after six months of gardening leave.

He joins the German kitchen firm days before Germany’s famous Küchenmeile fair, where all the big kitchen brands showcase their new products and designs to the market.

Marsden, who previously worked for rival brand Nolte for six-and-a-half years, said: “Bauformat is a really nice company. It feels a little more relaxed than some of the German kitchen companies I have worked with. It’s tag line is: Bauformat – part of the kitchen family. And it really does feel like that. I can’t wait to get going.”

Being on gardening leave since the start of the year, the former UK country manager for Nolte, was hesitant about giving his opinion on how trading has been affected by uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

But he said that he’d been hearing that sales had been fairly flat this year, but whether London was to blame or other parts of the country were also being affected by fragile consumer confidence, was “difficult to know”.

“Perhaps if the media stopped talking us into a problem, things might be easier,” Marsden speculated, but said that Bauformat, like its competitors, would just have to “ride out the storm”.

He said that Bauformat was the fifth biggest kitchen brand in Germany, but its UK presence didn’t reflect that.

Marsden, who has been working in the industry since 1980, said he would focus on building his relationships with studios in the UK and take on rivals Häcker, Schüller and Rotpunkt and his former employer, Nolte, to boost brand awareness of Bauformat in the UK.

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