PJH launches new premium kitchen brand

PJH has launched a new premium kitchen brand, Virtu, as part of its recent re-branding.

The bathroom, kitchen and appliance supplier says its new range would appeal to a defined group of consumers who wanted more than the larger retailers could supply.

PJH head of multichannel marketing Kimberley Cooper said: “Our findings highlighted that this target consumer wanted the look and style of a high-end kitchen, supported by a personal service, but with an achievable price. Rather than simply develop our existing K kitchen brand, which remains a popular choice with many, we decided that a different kitchen brand would allow us via two brands, to satisfy two types of retailers and consumers, looking for different properties in their kitchens.”

The product range – divided into four Virtu families – is a fusion of Italian-sourced doors, British-built cabinets, German engineering and Spanish stoneware.

PJH said that new Virtu retailers would receive support from the company as part of its ongoing partnerships. A new Virtu showroom has also opened at PJH’s Cannock offices.

Marketing support includes a Virtu specification guide, branded point-of-sale and merchandising materials, online ordering using the PJH’s new Partners Portal website, display deals and showroom planning advice.

“We are very excited about the launch of our new Virtu kitchen collection”, said Cooper. “We’ve already partnered with a number of retailers who have Virtu displays being designed and installed as we speak. We also have a busy diary for our Virtu showroom in Cannock for both existing and new PJH retail customers.”

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