Neolith maintains 2017 prices across range

Spanish worktop-to-flooring firm Neolith has said prices will not rise for the second year in a row for its entire collection.

It said this also applies to its latest 30mm and 20mm surfaces and colours.

“The UK is one of our most important markets, and we have spent the past couple of years strengthening our infrastructure and logistics in order to support this territory,” said Marco De Grazia, business development manager at Neolith UK.

“Although Brexit increases uncertainty in the construction sector, we have established a strong foothold from which to operate effectively and a robust, secure supply chain supported by a skilled sales team.”

He said Neolith experienced “strong” sales in the UK in 2018 despite the economic and business headwinds exacerbated by the drawn-out Brexit process and the company was “well positioned” to freeze prices for 2019.

“The appetite for Neolith in the UK is growing at a fast pace and we feel this gesture demonstrates our commitment to existing and future clients,” De Grazia added.

“We are looking forward to working with our partners across Great Britain and Northern Ireland over the coming year, showcasing the latest introductions to our portfolio and innovations to our manufacturing process.”

All of Neolith’s newly introduced slabs will be decorated using the brand’s eco-friendly Hydro NDD-2.0.

This proprietary design tool uses water-based, as opposed to solvent-based, ink, drastically reducing emissions. It’s a sustainable solution, at no extra cost, the company said.

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