Europe-wide rebrand for Euronics buying group

Electricals buying group Combined Independent Holdings (CIH), which is part of Euronics, has announced a Europe-wide rebranding.

Euronics partnered with the Kitchen Bathroom Buying Group (KBBG) and Der Kreis last January to offer its members access to kitchen furniture.

The rebranding exercise includes a new logo, marketing materials, website, delivery vehicle liveries and retail members’ shop fascias. To reflect its alliance with the KBBG, CIH has also refurbished the reception area of its Andover HQ (pictured) to include a display of kitchen furniture.

CIH pointed out that Euronics members remain fully independent, but added that for those that choose to use the Euronics branding on their shopfronts, new redesigned fascias would be available soon, along with rebranded uniforms.

Robert Blair, head of marketing and e-commerce at CIH, said: “We have invested a significant amount of resources and energy in the rebranding process, which we hope demonstrates the commitment of CIH to drive the Euronics brand to be even more recognisable on- and off-line, solidifying our offering to both members and agents.

“The rebrand is a new chapter for Euronics, which has been undertaken due to the ever-increasing changes in the consumers’ purchasing journey. Aligning our branding message across Europe gives better synergies for consumers who travel across Europe, while aligning our brand identity across the UK to further enhance the recognition of the brand for consumers who travel up and down the country – all while maintaining the independence of each of our members’ stores too.”

The Euronics buying group has around 500 members and around 1,000 stores in 30 countries across Europe, with an annual turnover of around €19 billion (£16.6bn).


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