Hotpoint supports fridge-toting hiker in £9,000 fund-raising epic

The Fridge Hiker, Matthew Bamber, has raised more than £9,000 for UK Armed Forces and military veterans’ charity Help for Heroes by hiking up mountains with a Hotpoint fridge on his back.

Bamber started his fund-raising in 2016 and has covered 75 miles with an under-counter fridge, which weighs 29 kg and was donated by Hotpoint, strapped to his back.

Members of the Armed Forces carry over 30 kg in their packs during service, covering vast distances through difficult terrains and this was the inspiration for Bamber to start his hikes with the fridge.

Since his first planned journey, which covered three peaks in 24 hours, Bamber and the Hotpoint fridge have completed a total of 12 journeys, all under challenging weather and physical conditions.

Ian Moverley, UK corporate reputation and public affairs director of Whirlpool UK, said: “Hotpoint is honoured to support Matthew, ‘The Fridge Hiker’, in his mission. We believe it is important to give back and to support initiatives where we can. The journeys that Matthew has been on, together with the Hotpoint fridge, are tremendous and donating the fridge was a no-brainer.”

Bamber said: “Without Hotpoint, the idea could not have happened. Rucksacks can conceal weight, with those passing you by not understanding the true weight on your shoulders. When they see the fridge, they get it. The fridge acts as a symbol and I am blown away by the funds so far raised. I am thrilled to continue the journey in 2019, to continue raising awareness and money for Help for Heroes together with the Hotpoint fridge.”

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