Appliances: ‘Good time to offer something different’

As Italian appliance manufacturer Fulgor Milano prepares to enter the UK for the first time, Nigel Jacobs, managing director of UK distributor Euroline, explains the opportunity in the UK for a new luxury cooking brand


“Fulgor Milano has entered the UK market on the back of a seven-year development plan in international markets, the first of which was the launch of the brand into North America in 2013.

“For many years, the UK has been dominated by German appliance brands offering a range of mass-market products that are sold into various sectors.

“Research has shown that the end consumer is looking for product differentiation, and this is something we are confident that Fulgor Milano can bring to the UK market.

“The focus of the products we will import into the UK is predominantly on cooking – multifunction ovens, hobs, combination hobs and so on – as Italians are experts in this area.

“Italian culture and heritage is strongly linked to food and cooking, and as a result they put both passion and the latest technology into their cooking appliances.

“While the market for kitchen appliances is soft at the moment, and this is largely because of the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, at the same time this means that consumers who are looking for kitchen appliances are researching and taking the opportunity to see what else is on the market.

“The long-term view is that the market will recover, and it is now time to invest in better quality and functionality.”



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