MPs reject Sunday trading hours reforms

MPs have thrown out the Government’s plan to reform Sunday trading hours in England and Wales.

Earlier this week, the Commons voted 317 to 286 against the proposal to extend Sunday opening hours beyond current six-hour maximum.

The change to Sunday trading law was defeated when 26 Conservative rebels sided with Labour and the Scottish National Party (SNP) to vote against Chancellor George Osborne’s campaign.

Said Mike Cherry, policy director at the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB): “The vote in the House of Commons is a major win for small businesses across England and Wales. Our members have been unconvinced of the economic case for relaxing Sunday trading rules and there has been no impact assessment to support the proposals. FSB calls on ministers to listen to the views of small businesses and the House of Commons on this issue.

“The current system can be seen as a great British compromise, which allows families to spend time together, employees to work if they wish to, and provides much needed support for smaller retailers within their communities.”

Business secretary Sajid Javid said he was “extremely disappointed by the childish and hypocritical actions of the SNP”.

“It was denied because of the SNP. The only thing the SNP was interested in was headlines.”

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