KitchenAid cooks up a premium culinary experience

KitchenAid has introduced cookery classes at its London experience store (pictured).

Participants will be able to cook with chef Lisa Marley on KitchenAid’s premium appliances and learn a variety of cooking techniques.

A number of cookery classes are scheduled over the coming months, including a plant-based recipes class, chocolate-making workshop and pasta and pizza masterclass.

Most classes give consumers a chance to get hands-on with the KitchenAid Twelix Artisan Oven (KOASP 60602), which includes 11 professional functions for bakery and pastry items.

Some classes give consumers the chance to cook using the sous-vide method with the KitchenAid Chef Touch.

Sous-vide is a delicate, high-quality, low-temperature cooking method, which many consumers may not have encountered before.

Experiencing the benefits of sous-vide first-hand will give attendees the perfect insight into professional home cooking, and how they can emulate top chefs in their own homes.

Lee Collett, channel controller at KitchenAid, said: “The KitchenAid Cookery School gives consumers a unique opportunity to get to know KitchenAid appliances.

“The KitchenAid consumer is passionate about cooking and our new cookery classes allow attendees to learn the best techniques from a professional chef, to take their expertise and creativity in the kitchen to the next level.”

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