Miele poised for biggest launch in company history

Miele will launch its Generation 7000 series of appliances, covering 15 separate product groups and 353 models, later in May.

Key innovations include adding internet connectivity, app-based services and sensor technology for cooking products.

The firm said almost every component in Miele’s new G7000 dishwashers has also been completely remodelled, increasing capacity and flexibility and the opportunity to use Miele’s new Auto Dos PowerDisk, which dispenses the optimum amount of detergent completely automatically for up to 20 washes.

Miele is currently hosting a series of training events at its Abingdon Experience Centre to showcase to its UK partners what it said is “the most holistic range of innovative kitchen appliances that Miele has ever produced”.

More than 3,500 of Miele’s top retail partners from around the world have attended the specially-created Miele Plaza at the company’s headquarters in Gütersloh, Germany.

The firm said every visitor has taken part in an immersive, fully interactive experience to understand first-hand the thinking behind and benefits of each new product range.

Neil Pooley, category manager for kitchens for Miele GB, said: “The Miele philosophy is to always be ‘Immer Besser’ – forever better.

“Everything we do is based on the premise that it will improve the lives of our customers. The new Miele Generation 7000 series sets new standards in terms of design, intuitive ease of use, accuracy and technology innovation to deliver outstanding performance.

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“The feedback from everyone who has seen the new series so far has been incredibly positive and we look forward to installing the new products in kitchen studios and partners’ showrooms from May 17.

                                                                          Highlights Of Miele Generation 7000

Miele Generation 7000 VitroLine Graphite Grey

Miele Generation 7000 VitroLine Graphite Grey

Miele’s New VitroLine is available in graphite grey (as above), brilliant white and obsidian black. The cooking process can be adjusted or extended via the [email protected] app on a mobile device or voice control using Alexa.

Miele Generation 7000 DA7078 Aura 3.0 Cooker HoodWEB

Miele Generation 7000 DA7078 Aura 3.0 Cooker Hood

Miele’s DA7078 Aura 3.0 is a recirculation cooker hood with [email protected] 3.0 built in. Round and flat with a white gloss finish, the Aura is suspended by three ultra-slim filigree cords that conceal the power supply.

Miele Generation 7000 Induction HobWEB

Miele Generation 7000 induction hob

New SmartSelect zoneless induction hobs with intelligent pan recognition have also been introduced by Miele. These are designed to enable pans to be placed anywhere without temperature adjustments needing to be made.

These are designed to work in unison with compatible Miele extraction hoods using Miele’s [email protected] technology, ensuring the right amount of extraction automatically and switching off when the hob is no longer in use to save energy.

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