Vitra bathrooms | Delia Lakwera

Delia Lakwera has been appointed as specifications manager for Vitra bathrooms in the UK. Based in London, she will be responsible for managing relationships with architects and designers.

Lakwera joins Vitra from THG Paris, where she was an architectural consultant, and before this Vola, where she was an architectural specifications consultant for four years. She has been in the bathroom industry for more than a decade.

Margaret Talbot, marketing manager for Vitra, said: “We are delighted to welcome Delia on board. She brings a wealth of experience, a genuine love of the subject and a treasure of technical skill. Contract sales is a growth area for Vitra and one where a long-standing relationship is formed, based on trust and in-depth knowledge.”

Lakwera said: “I’ve been watching Vitra for several years and I am thrilled to be part of the growing team. Working with the architectural and specification industry demands focus, attention to detail and thorough planning – all things that I enjoy.”

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