New sales director for LG UK

LG has welcomed a new sales director who will be managing the UK home-appliance arm of the company. Shean Smith has been in the kitchen industry for 13 years and has joined the company from Whirlpool.

Smith’s new role with LG will include looking after both national and independent retailers across the UK. He has experience working closely with retailers in his first role as a regional sales manager.

Speaking to kbbreview at the launch of the new LG washing machines, Smith said: “When I first started in this industry, I was a regional sales manager who was looking after the kitchen studios. The independent channels and the kitchen studios are the lifeblood of the business. The nationals are key, but the expertise of the independents is so important.

“The strength of an independent and a kitchen studio is their customer service, the fact that everything is handled by them personally. There is a personal touch, which is why they survive. I am really passionate about independents.”

The new LG washing machines shown at the launch are built with smart technology and artificial intelligence that can detect and analyse the characteristics and volume of textiles to minimise fabric damage. The washing machines were launched at the H Club in London’s Covent Garden, London with various press and influencers in attendance.

Emphasising the importance of innovation at LG, Smith said: “The reality is the market is challenged and there are a lot of manufacturers wanting to operate in this space. A lot of them bring out true innovations and communicate well with their customers – they will be the ones that will win out in the end. LG is at a premium price, but when you divide the cost of it over lifetime of the product, it is great value for money.”

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